Skin tags

Skin tags

The most misunderstood common skin ailment, it's not me or you, no one can escape from this tag at least one be stuck somewhere onto the skin.

What is a Skin Tag?
Totally harmless benign growths of skin appear as folds of skin hanging loosely or like seeds stuck onto the skin trapped within are collagen, skin cells, nerve fibre and tiny blood vessels, these are only of cosmetic concern.

What causes skin tags?
Almost everyone can get a skin tag at some point in their lifetime.  certain people are genetically susceptible. such individuals can have hundreds of tags no proven studies are available on the exact aetiology of skin tags, mostly accepted theory is a development of skin tags by friction( from the rubbing of skin against skin )

Predisposing  factors

  • Obesity
  • Ageing (> 50years of age)
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy ( due to hormone alterations )
  • Steroid abuse
  • hereditary

What are the sites a skin tag can occur ?
Most common sites are skin folds

  • armpits
  • eyelids
  • neck
  • groin
  • face

there is no specific site preference for its occurrence

Is the removal of skin tags must?

These are only of cosmetic concern if it bothers you sitting upon eyelid, nape of the neck, you can remove tags with the help of a dermatologist, applying native/ home medications is not a remedy for tags, this further complicates leading to infection.