Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

It is a non-surgical, FDA approved solution for hair restoration with brilliant results. This procedure has no side effects as it uses your own blood to help regenerate your hair follicles, hence also known as Autologus PRP.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

PRP – platelet rich plasma derived from patient’s blood (serum), it is a concentrated source of autologous (one’s own) platelets.

A small amount of blood 8 to 10ml is collected from the patient. It is then transferred into a sterile anticoagulant filled test tube to avoid the clotting of blood the tube is subjected to centrifugation for 15 minutes centrifugation –spinning at a rapid revolution separating the platelet from the rest of the blood components at the end of centrifugation, the red blood cells sediments at the bottom of tube the turbid yellow portion is the plasma containing platelets this is collected in syringes & injected into the targeted areas.

PRP – platelet rich plasma derived from patient’s blood (serum) it is a concentrated source of autologous (one’s own) platelets

The treatment works both for men and women. It is a non-surgical solution to restore hair and cure problems like hair loss or hair thinning (miniaturization of hairs)

The major part is PRP preparation which requires 5-10 minutes for blood withdrawal, another 10 minutes to spin out the other cells, and 10-15 minutes for injections. However, time depends on the severity of hair loss & varies from patient to patient.

Initially, 3 sessions at one monthly interval are ideal thereafter once in 3 months. In total 6 injections will be required. Maintenance spaced out every 6-8 weeks can be done depending upon the severity and requirements.

A significant reduction in hair loss can be observed between the first and fourth injection. Generally, hair re-growth is visible after 2-3 sessions. The patient’s hair count increases with the subsequent sessions improve the quality of hair and cause thickening of fine miniaturized hair.

Absolutely, PRP therapy acts as a compliment for patients who are not eligible or willing for surgery topical and oral medications to be continued as per the requirement.