Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal


Tattoos – Designed to impress or express at some stage can depress, do not regret anymore. Inks need not be permanent at Pravit we take pride in offering the comprehensive tattoo removal laser, absolutely safe & effective visualize the way it vanishes.
Anyways people interested in tattoos, think before you ink

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Despite several methods of tattoo removal like cryotherapy & Dermabrasion, lasers are the most effective to remove tattoos, the laser emits light which enters the skin, breaks the tattoo ink into tiny particles, the body’s immune system will gradually remove these particles leading to fading of tattoos.

The laser light energy is harmless since it targets only the pigmented skin leaving the surrounding uninked skin unharmed. Some patients describe mild tingling or burning sensation which is due to heat generated from the laser light color of the ink used & age of the tattoo can influence the pain associated with the laser topical anaesthetics can be applied over the site prior to the procedure.

The least possible side effect is an infection which is very rare & possible with diabetics alone the other side effect is scarring which is nil with recent lasers ( available at Pravit skin centre) individuals with scaring tendency ( keloids ) can not be treated with laser treated area loses color and looks paler than the surrounding skin, this lasts only for shorter duration and regains the original color, however lasers to be done only by a well trained, qualified dermatologist.

The number of sessions is not fixed, it varies from individual to individual size of the tattoo, patient’s skin tone, color & depth of the ink, age of the tattoo, method of application will determine the number of treatment sessions required. Approximately minimum of 8-12 sessions will be required. The results are not immediate no significant changes with the first session but successive sessions you will notice lightening/fading of the tattoo at the end of treatment, the tattoo should be barely visible or not visible at all.

It is the number of colours used amateur tattoo is often a single colour ( mostly INDIA INK ) whereas professional tattoos contain several colours. Another factor is in the level of penetration, a professional tattoo is applied uniformly beneath the skin as opposed to an amateur tattoo which is applied at varying depths. An amateur tattoo can be applied by someone, at home using a needle and a bottle of India ink. A professional tattoo is created by a trained practitioner at a salon or tattoo parlour.

Immune status: Everyone’s immune system behaves differently, this is an important factor in laser tattoo removal
CHROMOPHORES: These are skin cells dyed with the tattoo ink following laser treatment depending on the immune status of the patient, the scavenger cells in our immune system called macrophages remove these chromophores from the body this results in fading of the tattoo ink.

Type of colours used: Black, dark blue, dark red, dark orange responds quickly light green, brown, purple & other light colours require still a higher number of treatments.

Type of ink used: There are 100 of tattoo inks classified by FDA ( FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION) as colour additives, it is not possible for the doctor to discern the type of ink & color used at the time of procedure as the patient will not be aware of these details. AMATEUR TATTOOS responds faster than the professional ones.

Depth of tattoo: A tattoo superimposed on another tattoo has more ink and penetrates deeper hence requires additional treatments, professional tattoos lie deeper and require multiple sessions than the amateur ones.

Skin tone: Any skin type is treatable, however lighter skin tones show a high success rate.