The thing everyone longs to last long. besides coating the skin, regulating body temperature the prime role is its aesthetic portrayal, hair beautifies the facial framework - head hair characterizes the scalp and eyebrows/eyelashes characterizes the face. Pravit’s hair restoration programmer helps u restore & sustain hair.

PRP INJECTION : Retards hair thinning promotes hair regrowth.
HAIR VITALIZE INJECTION: Enhances hair growth; strengthens hair root.
HAIR TRANSPLANTATION : Bald to bushy transformation.

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  • Most common cause of hair loss in men.
  • It’s the visible recession of temporal hairline gradually involving the rest of the scalp.
  • In females is termed female pattern baldness- seen as thinning of hairs predominantly involving the vertex, perimenopausal/postmenopausal women are likely to be affected.
  • Results from the androgenic influence on the hair follicles.
  • Treatment depends on the grade of alopecia either medical or surgical.


  • Manifests as patchy areas of hair loss.
  • Common sites: scalp, beard, eyebrows, moustache, axilla, pubic area.
  • Alopecia universal is involvement of all hairy sites whereas alopecia totalizes is involvement of the entire scalp
  • An autoimmune disorder immunity instead of defending your body against foreign intruders ( virus, bacteria, fungi) acts on the hair follicles mistakenly leading to destruction of follicles
  • Needs dermatologist detailed evaluation, other associated autoimmune disorders, chronic follow up.
  • Treatment depends on the severity, no role for surgery, only medical treatment.
  • Pravit skin centre offers special therapy: topical puvasol


  • A pattern of hair loss due to high tension on the hair shaft
  • With a prolonged pull, the follicle is damaged leading to hair loss
  • Depends on the chronicity & hairstyling methods ( overtight pony, tautly woven styles as braids/cornrows, use of hairpins, tight-fitting weaves, hair extensions


  • Common but distressing infestation with lice
  • Easily transmitted by direct contact
  • More commonly found in school children
  • If untreated can result in secondary bacterial infection
  • Needs treatment prescribed by a dermatologist for safe& effective remedy
  • Household members & close contacts also require treatment


  • More common in women
  • Manifests as Increase shedding of hair, the sudden transition of hair follicles to telogen (resting phase) with premature cessation of hair growth
  • This resting phase lasts for 3months after which hair shedding in excess amounts occurs, this shedding is temporary & recovery is rapid with the address of the underlying aetiology
  • When the shedding is persistent beyond 6months it is termed chronic telogen effluvium
  • PRECIPITATING FACTORS: postpartum (childbirth), abortions, certain medications, emotional stress, acute illness, hair straightening, chronic blow drier usage


  • Commonly termed dandruff
  • It is a flaky condition of scalp characterized by greasy scales
  • If severe it is called seborrheic dermatitis can affect scalp, nose, ears, presternal & intra scapular area
  • It is a chronic condition requiring maintenance treatments.


  • Can manifest as a part of generalised psoriasis
  • Seen as itchy red scaly patches
  • Not all flakes is psoriasis only a dermatologist can give exact diagnosis


  • Not only the scalp the entire body can manifest the allergy due to the dissemination of the allergens in hair dye
  • Can occur at any age irrelevant to the duration of hair dye usage
  • The clinical features widely vary
  • Can be from simple itch to life-threatening anaphylaxis
  • Get your dermatologist opinion before you dye